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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy is a communication portal of various types of entertainment and tourism activities and mutual interaction intended for a broad range of society, the operation of which is organized and coordinated by the Ventspils City Council, hereinafter - the Council,

These provisions state the procedure for processing the personal data of users of portal and mobile application (hereinafter- the Portal) and what rights the users have. In the portal section “My Profile” you may manage and correct the information which you provided. You can contact us via

1. What information we process

1.1. To get registered at the Portal, please create your profile by logging in through the third-party website or mobile application (Facebook, Twitter,, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google account). Prior to registration, please provide your basic information, such as your name, surname, e-mail address, language spoken, age group.

1.2. We process information about the games you play and share (for example, your created galleries, itineraries).

1.3. We process the data (for example: name, surname, e-mail) by issuing the venti earned from your personalized account.

 2. For what purposes we process information

We process your personal data and other information in order to:

2.1.ensure that you receive the services offered at the Portal (for example, to create and publish itineraries; publish your photos; play games, earn, collect and withdraw venti);

2.2.verify identity and prevent illegal use of profiles, as well as ensure a secure Portal environment;

2.3.protect your, our and other users’ interests (for example, if the Portal is used for carrying out illegal activities);

2.4.answer and communicate you on the matters of your interest, or inform you of any changes to the provisions.

3.How others can access your information

3.1.Your published content in the Portal (for example, the published images, itineraries) is publicly available to all other Portal users.

3.2.Your profile keeps the content posted by you, as well as information about your activities taken in the profile (for example, the date of your registration in the Portal; the games played, the photo/video galleries or the tourism itineraries created, a number of ventis earned, withdrawn and collected).

3.3.The content you publish can be viewed both on a computer and mobile application (such as smartphones, tablets, etc.), therefore this content (for example, galleries) may be stored on these devices using the options offered by the Portal, browser or devices. So post and share the content only that other users may see.

3.4.If you register in the Portal using an option of logging on through the third-party websites or mobile applications - Facebook, Twitter,, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google account, then your website or mobile application profile data (for example, name, surname, profile image) may be viewed in the user profile.

3.5.Certain data, such as your given name and surname can be seen in the Portal after you have create a photo/video gallery or a tourism itinerary. For the tourism itinerary, however, you will be able to choose whether you wish to publish it or not, and in the case of publishing your name will not appear in the Portal.

3.6.Other users will be able to share your galleries and tourism itineraries on the websites,,

3.7.As long as you let us use the information received, it will belong only to you. We want very much to keep your trust, therefore, we will not share your personal data with others, unless we have obtained your permission to do so. If others share the information about you, they will on their own control the way in which it happens. We will keep your data as long as it is necessary — information associated with your account will be deleted as soon as you delete your account.

4.How we process the personal data

4.1.We can process non-personalized information (such as a number of the Portal users; the number of the earned, withdrawn and collected venti).

4.2.We will use your personal data to:

4.2.1.identify you in event of issuing or collecting venti ; informed of your activities related to earning venti ; able to send to your email address information about your security code; able to send to your email address information on special tourism and entertainment offers by Ventspils city and municipality.

4.3.Your data can be transferred to third parties with whom we cooperate and who provide services to us so that we be able to ensure and improve the Portal’s operation (for example, services on data placement and processing, data and portal safety, prevention and detection of risk and fraud, data analysis, sending email). Such third parties may be provided with the minimal and necessary volume of data only so that we could provide our services, and only if the third parties have undertaken appropriate confidentiality obligations.

4.4.Provision of personal data is a prerequisite for creating a profile and receiving services from us.

5.How you can manage your personal data

5.1.In the section “My Profile” you can add and correct the data and information specified in your profile.

5.2.Note that the Portal is accessible to other users, so the images, video and other information you post will be visible to other people. If others share information about you, they will on their own control the way in which it happens.

5.3.We store and process your data until your profile is deleted. After you delete your profile, personal data may be processed, if it is provided for or required by the laws and regulations.

5.4.You may request us to delete your personal data, so we ask that you submit a written application to us.

5.5.You are entitled at any time to delete your profile. If the profile is deleted, the information and content you have published in the Portal will be deleted too, but some information might not be deleted as it is not linked to your profile. For instance, if you have republished the images published in the Portal via the third-party websites or mobile applications – Facebook, Twitter,, these images can not be deleted by the Portal.

5.6.Upon deletion of the profile, data and/or information from the profile, it will immediately become inaccessible to other users.

5.7.You have the right to lodge a complaint in respect of processing your personal data to a supervisory authority.

6.Your responsibilities

By registering in the Portal, you confirm that all information you have provided is true, complete and accurate.

7.Legal request for information

In reply to a legal request for information, we are entitled to grant access to your data, keep or provide them if we in good faith believe that we need to take such actions as per the law.

8.Our services for children

The portal is accessible to users from 13 years old.


We may from time to time change these provisions. All changes to the provisions will be posted in the Portal, and should any significant changes be made, we will notify you thereof.

10.Communications with us

You can contact us on the data processing and protection issues by sending an email to or sending a letter to the Ventspils Tourism Information Centre, 6 Dārzu Street, Ventspils, LV-3601.









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