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Terms of Use

preview is a broad-based public web portal operated and coordinated by Ventspils City Council – hereinafter – “Council”, which offers various entertainment and tourism activities and ensures reciprocal communication. terms of use are designed for and binding upon all users regardless of whether they are registered users of this portal or not.
The Council shall be entitled to change these terms at any time and at its own discretion and these changes shall become effective as soon as they are published on
Use of shall be deemed to be full acceptance of these terms and conditions, including all changes, by all users. Each user shall be obliged to read over these terms on a regular basis in order to keep track of the changes made.
Each registered user of shall be obliged to refrain from disclosing their access data to any third parties.
Each registered user agrees to receive information about the news of to their provided e-mail address.
Commercial activities on shall be permitted only upon agreement with administrator.
The Council shall be entitled to delete profiles of registered users at its own discretion, including without prior notice, as well as to restrict or deny access to without bearing any responsibility thereof.
Each user shall take full responsibility for any information s/he places there, including, but not limited to, his/her profile data, photos, videos, music, links to all the aforementioned materials as well as for all the consequences (incl. legal) resulting from placing or sending the said information. It shall be forbidden to place the following on or send it to other users:

- Information (including photo, video, and audio materials) the placement or sending of which results in infringement or violation of intellectual property rights (copyright etc.) of any third parties;
- Defamatory information;
- Information inciting violence, racial hatred or other illegal actions;
- Vulgar, libellous or otherwise abusive information;
- Political information – e.g., might be seen as political agitation and/or slander;
- Information which contains computer viruses or which has been designed to harm operation (safety) of the computer or electronic communications software;
- Information of junk mail, spam, chain letter or uncoordinated advertising nature;
- Information of pornographic or excessively erotic nature;
- Any other information which affects or might affect normal operation and safety of

Upon detecting placement of such information the Council shall be entitle to delete this information immediately as well as to delete publisher’s profile or block portal access temporarily.
The Council shall not bear any responsibility for the information placed on or sent between users as well as any consequences (incl. legal) resulting from placing or sending this information. Additionally, the Council shall bear no responsibility for accessibility of the portal, communication among users, any technical problems in its operation, changes to users’ profile data resulting from unauthorized access by any third party. Operation of the portal (incl. available services) in general shall be offered as is without any additional warranties from the Council. Moreover, the Council shall not be liable for any losses incurred by users in connection with the use of the portal and services available. users shall be obliged to do everything necessary to hold the Council harmless and indemnify against any claims by any third parties to the Council and in any way related to the use of the portal by the respective user.
The Council shall be entitled to inform users of any portal-related news by publishing information on the portal or by emailing.
Personal data of all users published on shall be protected pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. The said data shall be processed in compliance with the general principles for personal data processing laid down in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
The Council shall be the sole holder of intellectual property rights in respect of In the event of violation of these rights the guilty party shall be called to justice accordingly and shall be fully responsible for all losses to the Council thereof.
All disputes arising between the Council and users in connection with these terms and conditions shall be resolved by way of mutual negotiations. In the event that the parties do not manage to reach an agreement in the said way, the disputes shall be resolved pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. can be used by all visitors, however, prizes shall be earned only by registered users by using any of the services offered and entering a valid email address.

Earning Venti

All registered users who comply with the general terms of use of qualify for the prize – venti. Venti shall be earned in the following ways:

- Signing up as a user (50 venti)

- Taking the test (50-500 venti)

- Puzzles (50 venti)

- Virtual games (50 – 1 000 venti)

- Sharing your own content (approved photo, test results) in one of your social media accounts (50 venti)

- Sharing the site content in the social media (5 venti)

  • Amount of venti given for each activity shall appear in user account.
  • The maximum number of venti per user’s account shall be 2000 venti. As soon as this volume quota is reached, the visitor can still continue participating in the portal’s activities, however, without receiving any venti.

Signing Up

  • users shall receive a one-time-only prize – 50 venti for signing up (creating new account). Each registered user shall qualify for this prize only once.
  • A person can register for the portal only once, in one language and by the means of only one of the offered social networks.
  • In case a person is established to have several profiles, the Administrator is entitled at their own discretion to delete the profiles of the user and also to limit or block the Access to the portal, as well as without the prior warning, not being liable for it.


  • You may earn up to 500 venti for filling out the “Guess what it is!” test, 100 venti in the “Ventspils Tourism Objects and Events” test, 50 venti in the “Get to Know Ventspils” test, 50 venti in the "How Ventspilish are you?" test, 50 venti in the “Quiz” test. A prize for filling out a test in the portal is being given out to one account owner once a month.


  • You can play the game an unlimited number of times, but venti can be earned only once a month.
Virtual games
  • A player can earn up to 1,000 venti for playing the “Made in Ventspils” game. You can play the game an unlimited number of times, but venti can be earned only once a month.

  • The player may earn up to 250 venti for playing games in the “Narrow Gauge Railway” game, 100 venti in the “Ventspils Treasures” game, 75 venti in “Do You Want to be Owner of the Venti?” game, 50 venti in the “Discover Ventspils” game. You can play the game an unlimited number of times, but venti can be earned only once in 24 hours.

Sharing Your Content in Social Media Accounts

  • Each registered user shall qualify for a bonus prize – 50 venti if s/he shares his/her content in his/her social media accounts.
  • User shall qualify for a bonus one-time-only prize for sharing each of the types of content created by him/her (approved photo contest or test result).

Sharing Content

  • Registered users who, by activating any of the social media icons found on the portal content pages ( – recommend, – like, – tweet, google+ – +1), share content in their social media accounts shall qualify for a prize – 5 venti.
  • Account owner shall qualify for the prize for sharing content once every 3 days (not more than 121 times in 12 months).

Receiving Venti

  • Each user shall receive a unique access code.
  • Registered users can exchange their virtually earned venti for the real ones at Ventspils Tourist Information Centre (Dārzu iela 6) or at Ventspils Olympic Centre's Hotel (Lielais prospekts 33) upon presenting their unique code and ID.
  • Virtually earned venti shall be withdrawn not later than within 24 months from their receipt. In the event that venti are not withdrawn within the respective term, they shall be deleted from user’s account automatically.

Venti acceptance 

Exchange rate
100 venti = 1 EUR
Opening hours


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